Saturday, 5 April 2014

Not Your Mom's Antivirus Software: 7 Ways That Antivirus Is Evolving to Meet Today's Threats

When antivirus was developed, an antivirus software provider would learn about a piece of computer malware. It would then record the code and enable its software to scan a computer for the malware signature. Soon, security companies began to share information about the viruses they detected. Consumers benefited from their combined efforts to stop malware in its tracks.

As the Internet has expanded and the number of connected devices has grown, the sheer volume of malware from phishing emails, from malicious websites and from other sources is more than signature-based antivirus solutions can handle. Also, today's malware is designed to morph and change to evade signature-based detection.

By nature, antivirus software is reactive. It may protect individual machines from known threats, but it doesn't stop attacks until those malware signatures are detected. Fortunately, the best antivirus software is evolving to handle today's threats. Instead of becoming obsolete as some experts have argued, antivirus has evolved in seven primary ways to become more relevant than before.

Behavior-Based Blocking

Antivirus software and deep discovery tools can detect malware based on how a snippet of code behaves. By using data analytics to review the patterns associated with known malware, behavior-based blocking identifies code with similar characteristics or operating patterns to existing malware. In addition to pattern analysis, behavior-based blocking tools analyze the reputation of the source that transmitted the code. They also sandbox suspicious pieces of code, running code in a silo to expose malware without infecting the network or end-user devices.

Web Browser Integration

Today's antivirus solutions can analyze websites and prevent users from opening pages containing malicious code. Working as a browser extension, antivirus software can greenlight safe pages and red-light potentially dangerous pages. Many antivirus extensions also incorporate privacy tools, and they allow parents to control which sites their children can browse.

Network Access Monitoring

Modern antivirus tools log network access events. They record each time a user accesses a database, a set of files or a server and make note of any unusual patterns. For example, the software may send out an email alert if a user tries to access data from an unfamiliar IP address. Also, IT can review employee logs to see if data was accessed using an unfamiliar browser or from an unusual location.

Whitelisting Approved Sites

Instead of just blocking known malicious websites, applications or data, today's antivirus tools allow IT to take a whitelisting approach to security. By default, end users have access to nothing online unless it's authorized by IT. Whitelisting removes the burden of trying to detect every possible malicious site or application. Instead, users are given access to only what they need, and they avoid exposing the company to dangerous or malicious sites that may escape threat detection tools.

Early Warning Services

Security companies are competing to sell products, but they also work as a community to protect consumers and businesses from malware threats. When one company's antivirus tools detect a new threat, that company shares the information to keep threats from spreading.

Web Crawling

Some antivirus tools offer Web-crawling tools that crawl websites looking for malicious executable code. The tools then blacklist dangerous websites from the company network, and they provide an early warning to other security companies that keep the malware from spreading.

Application Isolation

Instead of detecting threats and then quarantining them, some antivirus tools isolate applications from a computer's operating system. Applications work as they should, but if any code from the application attempts to make changes to the operating system, the suspicious code is isolated and then discarded when the application is closed. Bromium creates a microenvironment for every task an application executes. Its vSentry solution detects any code's attempt to propagate, persist or compromise the microenvironment. Polymorphic malware can be eliminated even on unpatched computers, and IT can have a full view of the attack forensics.

Ignore the hype that says antivirus is obsolete; it's still an important component of any security strategy. Security companies are constantly incorporating value-added services into their antivirus solutions. Simply put, today's security programs have made significant advances from your mother's antivirus software.
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Now It Is The Time To Get Mobile Website And Apps

Present generation uses their mobiles to shop, book and gaming in websites. They love to get anything from everything in their mobile phones. With mobile banking and mobile customer services most of the business and financial service providers have made the mobile the most challenging platforms to promote business and services. This made most of the businesses and service provides to make their website available on mobiles. As a businessman or service provider there are some important factors to consider about mobile version websites.

Normal website won’t work; get mobile versions

There is no doubt almost all types of mobile phones support internet. Hence, your customers have the tendency to search for your products and services in their mobiles. But your normal websites find it so difficult to get loaded in the mobiles and takes comparatively long time. This makes the customer worried and chances are a lot to think about other better options. Hence make sure that you have developed mobile version of your website to make it readily and easily available on the mobile web. Mobile browsers will promote website designed with simple but superb features. Hence it is your time to get mobile versions for your website.

Know about mobile web

Screen of your Smartphone is nano in size when compared to desktop or laptop screen. On mobiles you have to use to fingers in the place of mouse. Hence smaller text and link will not entertain the mobile user. This is the reason why the website should be completely rebuilt to suit the requirement of mobile web and the users. Your website should have larger test, clearly visible buttons and links to make the website experienced satisfying for the mobile users.

What makes you stop using mobile browser?

Even though mobile web browsing is getting more demand, the problem is that still there are lot of website which are not optimized for mobile web. With normal versions it appears as it is in the mobiles giving a partial look. The customer or user can find small texts, broken links, missing images and more. He or she needs to zoom everything to get a clear look. On the other mobile web optimized website gives clear visions of the website making the browsing easy and fast. Hence make sure that you have mobile version for your website to keep your mobile customers satisfied.

Mobile apps for instant access

Even though mobile versions gives quick access to website through mobile web, present generation expect something more from mobile. This is why mobile apps are so hot and popular on mobiles. Now the saying is that without mobile apps, mobile is just a electronic scrap. Yes, everyone needs mobile apps for their most visited websites. Mobile apps are icon shortcuts that can be easily placed on your homepage of mobile devices. This helps the user to get access to the websites or services without making any searching or typing. It gives straight access to web address.

Information at finger tips

It is all the amazing benefits that made apps to rule mobile web world. Users can get the information right at the finger tips. With just a touch on the mobile app, it serves the users with what he or she really needs. There is no need to save the website link. These are really small icons with professional business face linked to the mobile version websites. Hence, it is so easy to get access to your website without searching and typing the website address. You can directly visit the website without checking for search or title bar in the search engines.

Benefits of mobile apps

It is hard to do business in feature without mobile apps. We can found unexpected and amazing increase the numbers of mobile apps. Thousands of mobile apps introduced to web world every month. Here are some of the important benefits of getting apps for your business.

Benefits to business

  • Perfect reinforcement of brand
  • Effective loyalty building
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Increases accessibility
  • Easy access to on-the-go consumers
  • Quick exposure through mobile devices
  • Increase sell-through

Benefits to customers

  • Easy reach to products and services
  • Quick and effective notification of product launches and special events,
  • Access to contact information with a single touch
  • Directions to route map to location form wherever the customer is
  • Fast and instant appointment scheduling

Do mobile apps give complete experience?

It is better to answer this question with NO. Even though there are several benefits for mobile apps, advertisement placing on apps, storage space for apps, unavailability of apps for website and more can sometimes make the mobile user to think twice before downloading the app.
This is the reason why most of the businessmen develop unique and professional apps exclusively for their business. This makes their app free from any unwanted advertisement and keeps it purely for their business. Once a customer gets satisfied service through mobile apps, then there is no doubt he or she will not look for another option.

So which is best?

So which is best mobile web design of mobile app for you? The answer should come only from you. It is way how you use web on your mobile devices that makes the best option. If you use mobile web rarely then there is no need to download and store the app. But if there are some websites that use regularly, then it is best to get the mobile apps downloaded and stored in the home page for quick access. Now the time is yours to evaluate your mobile web usage to take the decision.
But whatever it is, one thing is sure. Without mobile web or mobile app you can’t hold the future customers with your business.

About The Author:
Adrian is a blogger who work as a web designer and coding expert in UK. He in his free time blog about web design companies at his blog - You may check more about these companies at his blog and how it can help.
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Friday, 28 March 2014

Electronic Security Devices For Your Home That Tops The List

Theft, fires or home invasions are like a dreadful nightmare. To prevent these occurrences, it is important to install an efficient security system at your home. Barrier bars, motion detectors and electronic alarms are considered to be few security options that are available for the home owners. Investing in these security options can prove to be fruitful as it performs the dual function of preventing the invaders and alarming the homeowners about the presence of the unwanted guests in the premises of the house. Of all the options that are available, the electronics devices are considered to be the most efficient ones.

Gamut of security system

This electronic device is designed to protect the entire house, and they are connected to the central panel, which is designed to detect the presence of intruders. After these devices detect the presence of a trespasser, a series of incidents follow one after the other. An alarm goes off that alerts the intruder as well as the homeowner of the incident. It sends the message to the security provider of the incidence and the latter deputes professional or contact the police at the earliest to safeguard your property. Finding the best security system might be a daunting task at times. If you want to know about the best electronic device, that is available then have a glimpse of the list.

  • The name that appears on the top of the list is FontPoint Security. It comprises with a gamut of devices designed for providing security to various portions of your house and also has a good monitoring system installed in it. Smoke detectors, sirens, devices for personal security, sensors, flood protection devices are few features of this security systems. Apart from theft and burglary this also safeguards the house from different natural disasters. Installation of this device is easy, and you can do it yourself in maximum duration of half an hour. To major benefit is that it is affordable and also that there are customer representatives to assist you if you need so. 
  • Next name that appears in the list is Protect America and mainly due to the nominal startup cost. With this device, your peace of mind is guaranteed. Two way intercom service, round the clock monitoring through internet and portable devices and other devices are included in this security system. If you want to protect your home from fire, theft, burglary, spread of poisonous gases then this is the best device that you can lay your hand on. The best part of this system is that you can customize the package as per your need from the wide collection of devices that they have. In fact, it is known to have the widest collection of security plans that are available.
  • SafeMart is another name that is worth mentioning in this arena. It can be installed easily by the homeowners. This security system comes with sensors that can detect motion of windows, doors, garage doors, heat, breaking of glass and protects your property.
  • ADT Security is in the business for the last 130 years. It offers cellular and landline monitoring and is interactive in nature. Professional assistance is provided while installing the service. In case of emergency, it provides round the clock monitoring of the home.

Home security is an important matter, and you need to take immediate steps to safeguard your near and dear ones. It is obvious that you do not have necessary expertise to do the same so contacting a home security contractor is a good idea. In this regard, San Francisco ADT Pulse can be a good choice. Seek their help to know the option that suits your home the best.

About The Author:
Kelly Lawson has availed the services of San Francisco ADT Pulse to safeguard his home. They come with different devices like sirens, motion detectors and also monitors the different occurrences seamlessly.
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Sunday, 16 March 2014

5 Reasons the FCC Should Regulate the Looming Wireless Duopoly

In an ideal free market system competition is fierce, which keeps consumer costs low and innovation high. As each company strives to earn your business, they offer deals, create new and better products, and the entire economy benefits. In a healthy market too much regulation is bad. It slows down the innovation process, which costs the companies money (costs that they pass on to the consumer).
However, in an unhealthy market, such as the current wireless carrier duopoly, new regulation would not only be helpful, it might be necessary. Here are five reasons why the FCC should regulate the Verizon/AT&T duopoly.

Wireless Service is Getting More Expensive

In 2011, 5 million people signed up for a mobile phone each quarter. In 2012 that number dropped to 3 million, and 2013 saw it drop to under 2 million new subscribers per quarter. This means that less and less wireless company revenue is coming from new contracts. Instead, the enormous profits in telecommunications are reaped by squeezing existing customers.
Wireless companies (or rather, Verizon and AT&T) are only able to do this because they control more than 70 percent of the US smartphone market. When AT&T was the only carrier to offer the iPhone, there was at least some semblance of competition between these two behemoths, however, now their pricing systems are almost identical. When one changes a policy, the other changes it within weeks, and none of these changes are making anything any cheaper. For a consumer standpoint, they're basically the same company.

The System is Rigged Against Smaller Companies

"Fair enough," you might say, "If Verizon and AT&T are abusing their customers, why don't those customers simply go to one of the smaller companies that offer cheaper rates, like T-Mobile, Sprint, or a regional carrier?" Good question.
One reason is that once 2-4 people have signed up with Verizon or AT&T with a "family plan" it is prohibitively complex to switch everyone over to a new wireless carrier. For some families college age children aren't home most of the time, making it difficult to switch, or the upgrade system gives different family members access to new phones at different times (each requiring a contract renewal). The duopoly does anything and everything in their power to make it difficult for you to leave.
Another reason is that, as CEO Michael Prior put it, "Telecom is an infrastructure business." Essentially, that means it is too expensive for new competitors to enter the market - essentially ensuring Verizon and AT&T maintain control by default.
Fortunately, according to BGR, it looks like Sprint may acquire T-Mobile, which might add a third player powerful enough to create real competition with AT&T and Verizon. Without such a merger, however, FCC regulation would be the only way to make the market competitive again.

The Current System Impedes the Rest of the Economy

According to Steve Berry, a columnist for Light Reading, "History shows that preserving and enhancing wireless competition is a vital means of driving economic growth and job creation, maintaining our nation's global competitiveness, promoting continued innovation, and enhancing consumer welfare."
While this might seem like a bold claim, it actually makes perfect sense. Businesses often give cell phones to their employees (usually smartphones). If the wireless duopoly is gouging them they way the are with the rest of their consumers, then the business will have less money to spend on other things (like their own infrastructure, or payroll).

Light Regulation Now Could Prevent Heavy Regulation Later

This might seem paradoxical - creating regulation to prevent regulation. However, if the FCC can create some light regulation now, like ensuring that all carriers have access to 4G LTE (which they don't at the moment), the market will become more competitive. If the market becomes more competitive, then it will, once again begin to (more or less) regulate itself and more draconian regulation won't be necessary.
So, if you're tired of expensive and complex phone contracts, of rate hikes and hidden conditions, write to the FCC and tell them that you're in favor of regulating the Verizon/AT&T duopoly.
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Friday, 7 March 2014

Protect Your Assets With High-Tech Security for Your Home, Business and Self

Technology has evolved at a rapid pace over the previous decades, and the rate of change seems to rise every year. New technology can help you protect your home and your business, and it can help ensure your personal safety. Here are a few technologies that can help protect your assets.

Computer Security

Modern Windows systems are inherently more secure when compared to older systems, but they are still vulnerable to a variety of attacks. In addition, hackers have developed more sophisticated methods to steal credit card, banking and identity information. Those who run Windows and OS/X systems will need to ensure that they avoid potentially dangerous downloads, and they'll want to run virus and malware scans on a regular basis. We store more information on out computers than ever before, so take steps to keep it safe.

Biometric Identification

Movies have long portrayed a future where fingerprint and iris scanning would ensure building security, and technology is finally catching up. Basic fingerprint identification systems are now affordable for most businesses, and these systems can be hard to crack. Combined with keys or other security measures, these systems can keep your assets well protected. In addition, these systems can monitor activities, allowing you to watch out for employee theft and other potential problems.

Video Monitoring

In the past, video monitoring was expensive and yielded only mediocre results. Today, technology is much better, and new products are far more affordable than older products. Thanks to the low cost of video technology, camera systems can be installed virtually anywhere, and the software used to access information is far easier to use and, in some cases, free. So if you want to protect a Calgary steel fabrication business, Aero-Tech Specialty Welding & Fabrication Ltd, opting for video monitoring is the only solution for security. There are a number of turnkey systems on the market, and more adventurous people might want to consider a do-it-yourself approach.

The Cloud

The cloud paradigms are often touted as convenient and easy to use, but there most significant benefit might be their ability to keep you information secure. Cloud providers depend on providing top-notch security to ensure that their clients stay with them, and they use the latest technology available to provide superior protection. While they are not impervious to attack, they provide better security that most home and business users have access to.

We often focus on new forms of entertainment and new ways of being more productive, but high tech has had a significant impact on home, business and personal security as well. By keeping up with recent technological developments and using modern systems, everyone can achieve better security.

About The Author:

Meghan Belnap is a freelance writer who enjoys spending time with her family. She also enjoys being in the outdoors and exploring new opportunities whenever they arise as well as researching new topics to expand her horizons. You can often find her buried in a good book or out looking for an adventure.
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